Internship Policy


Because today’s interns are tomorrow’s staff

Internship is an important choice; it offers you the opportunity to discover your future job, to enhance your knowledge and skills and to be trained on-site with our teams.

A real stepping stone for joining Pierre Fabre Laboratories

Highly aware of the challenge involved and because we appreciate the involvement, the fresh approach and the curiosity of our interns, we offer over 300 internships every year.

Most of our interns are students who are finishing their studies and who have a variety of profiles: 5 years of higher education in business schools, engineering schools and university and technology university programs.

Our internship offers cover all our professional disciplines: Research and Development, Industry / Logistics, Marketing, Sales / Promotion, and Support Services.

Quality assignments

Through their assignments, our interns are given opportunities to undertake projects that contribute positively to the Group’s development in France and worldwide. Throughout their internships, our students benefit from regular follow-up and high-quality, proximity coaching.

Find your internship

Opportunities for recruitment

Internship is an integral part of our pre-recruitment logic. The wealth and diversity of our professional disciplines means we recruit young graduates every year, everywhere in the world, and offer them short-term contracts, open-ended contracts or VIE contracts. Participating in an internship in Pierre Fabre Laboratories means integrating into our pool of young graduates, who are given priority when we recruit.

International opportunities for young talents

44 subsidiaries and commercial presence in over 130 countries, offering a myriad of possibilities to join Pierre Fabre Laboratories through a VIE.

One of the Group’s priority development issues, a challenge for young graduates in a wide range of fields; management control, quality assurance, marketing, logistics, etc.

An exclusive integration program for marketing jobs

At the end of the end-of-study internship in Pierre Fabre Laboratories, young graduates may take part in an exclusive, personalized program.

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