Active pharmaceutical ingredients

APIs production and development expertise

For more than 30 years Pierre Fabre provides a unique expertise in the development and production of synthetic and natural active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Whether from plant or animal raw materials, we can develop crude extracts or fully purified molecules for our pharmaceutical customers. Supporter of green chemistry and eco-design, working with recent development and analysis tools, our processes ensure optimum respect of safety and environment. Constantly in search of innovative technologies in the field of extraction and purification, we provide to our partners the most efficient and productive processes.



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High Technology in extraction, purification and chemical synthesis of APIs

Pierre Fabre gathers on the same site, development laboratories, pilot plant and commercial production. This configuration enables us to ensure a co-ordinated and personalized management of your project from development to manufacturing. A project manager is assigned to your project and ensures that the deadlines will be respected. Our experience and knowledge can be useful for you to develop and optimise your process, produce clinical trial batches and make all regulatory filings for registration. The key-points that shall make our partnership a success are our reactivity and flexibility, informed trust and our shared will to achieve your goal. All these points shall contribute to build a win-win collaboration between our companies.



Technological Innovation and Capacities

Plant Cell Culture Expertise


 Sometimes, getting vegetal raw material is almost impossible (Hard sourcing, Low content of active ingredient …). Plant Cell Culture is an ambitious innovative solution. 

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Extraction Expertise


Pierre Fabre proposes a wide range of extraction technologies performed in state-of-the-art workshops

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Purification Expertise


 Purification by industrial HPLC is one of our core technologies. Deep internal knowledge and capabilities are combined with multipurpose equipment to develop purification strategies under strict quality requirements.

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Chemical Expertise


Our skilled operators are used to work with high potent API’s. The handling of such products requires important precautions due to their high pharmaceutical potency.

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Four plants for your APIs

Gaillac (France)

Plant extraction, purification, chemical synthesis, process development  (GMP / FDA)


Bagnères de Bigorre (France)

Floral waters / Organic certification (GMP)


Virrey Del Pino (Argentina)

Plant and animal extraction, chemical synthesis (GMP)


Palézieux (Switzerland)

Animal extraction (GMP)