An ambitious public health initiative



Pierre Fabre Oral Care is drawing on its unique experience in the field of oral health to support its engagement in information and prevention campaigns.

The objective is to pass on knowledge and raise awareness among the general public, and children in particular, about the rules of good oral hygiene and the importance of regular check-ups at the dentist.



Pierre Fabre Oral Care creates educational materials and tools for prevention to help teachers and parents guide and encourage children to keep their teeth healthy: 

  • a poster explaining the correct way to brush one's teeth,
  • a brushing diary allowing children to carefully monitor brushing on a daily basis and become more independent,
  • a calendar to record the birthdays of each pupil.



The "Oral Care Kids" application is a learning tool designed to educate children in an entertaining way: 

  • an animation to teach them how to clean their teeth,
  • games to test their knowledge on the anatomy of the mouth,
  • quizzes
  • and educational games.


The "Oral Care Coach" application for all offers:

  • an animation to teach people the correct brushing method,
  • a diary for dentist appointments,
  • an warning system for changing one's toothbrush,
  • a dental diagnosis questionnaire.



Pierre Fabre Oral Care has created a play for children. This play, which is performed in schools, teaches the rules of good oral hygiene via its storyline and its characters.

Each child that attends the play receives a kit containing information leaflets, toothpaste and a toothbrush.



Pierre Fabre Oral Care takes action in Portugal:

  • in private schools, with a play that explains the importance of oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist.  
  • in libraries and public schools, as part of a program developed by the Ministry of Education and Health. The brand has contributed to the development of an educational website - - and a set of materials to help teachers explain the importance of oral hygiene.



Our local partner Medimex has launched a national dental hygiene awareness program for children under the age of 7 in collaboration with Singapore's Ministry of Education. All pre-school children have been given a tube of Elgydium Junior toothpaste and an Elgydium toothbrush.

The brand also supports the National Dental Service's education program to inform and raise awareness on the daily practice of brushing one's teeth.