Atopic Dermatitis Foundation


Since 2006, the Atopic Dermatitis Foundation founded by Pierre Fabre Laboratories has been helping finance research and clinical studies on atopic dermatitis. It also designs and organizes educational programs and develops, publishes and distributes informational materials for practitioners, parents and children.

Some of its achievements: 

  • Participation in creating and developing 35 Atopy Schools in Europe, China, Colombia and Mexico to expand therapeutic education 
  • Creation of teaching tools and brochures for healthcare professionals 
  • Participation in developing PO-SCORAD (Patient-Oriented SCORAD), a self-evaluation tool for atopic dermatitis 
  • Participation in National Days for training in therapeutic education for atopic dermatitis in France, Belgium and Italy 
  • Creation and management of the Atopic Dermatitis Foundation website 

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China - A foundation for atopic dermatitis

In 2011, the Pierre Fabre Atopic Dermatitis Foundation, in cooperation with the China Dermatologist Association, created a foundation to fight against this chronic disease. It is the first foundation in China involved with atopic dermatitis. As in France, it pursues two main areas of action: research and education. In 2011, four fundamental research projects were evaluated and selected by the scientific committee. Education centers will soon be established in five towns (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, and Shenyang) to carry out a comparative study between parents who “have followed an education program” and those who have not. The objective is to study the role of therapeutic education in treating atopic dermatitis.