Club Dermaweb and Club Pharmaweb

Club Dermaweb

club-dermaweb.jpgDermatology website for doctors

Club dermaweb is a reference site dedicated to exclusive information for dermatologists and health care professionals involved in skin care and the treatment of skin conditions. Club dermaweb is structured around a secure web platform which hosts a dermatology information and news site updated every week:

  • Resources such as training, image databases, case reports, quizzes, etc.
  • A community for discussions and expert opinions.
  • Handy apps such as Skin Drug Reactions Base and Skindiag that optimize the treatment and advice that the patient is given.

Club dermaweb is a service available in 5 languages and is managed with supervision by a scientific committee of 14 leading dermatologists. Club dermaweb has been approved by numerous learned societies and brings together more than 25,000 registered members.

Club Pharmaweb

Dermatology training and information website for pharmacists


Club pharmaweb supports pharmacists and pharmacy personnel in giving dermatological advice. It offers comprehensive scientific content on dermatological pathologies that is checked and approved by a scientific committee. It has some 11,000 registered members.