The Pierre Fabre Supervisory Board has formed three committees:

Audit Committee chaired by Dominique BAZY
This committee examines the accounts and monitors questions concerning the generation and control of accounting and financial information.
The audit committee is also responsible for checking the efficacy of the Group’s risk management and internal control systems.
Its members are: Dominique BAZY, Roch DOLIVEUX, Pierre-Yves REVOL, Eric DUCOURNAU and Christophe LATOUCHE.

Nomination & Remuneration Committee chaired by Jean-Jacques BERTRAND
This committee assists the board in selecting its members and corporate executives, and formulates recommendations concerning their remuneration.
Its members are: Jean-Jacques BERTRAND, Pierre-Yves REVOL and Eric DUCOURNAU.

Strategic Committee chaired by Roch DOLIVEUX
This committee issues opinions on the Group’s major strategic choices, in particular related to R&D, and on its business development strategy proposed by executive management to the Supervisory Board.
Its members are: Roch DOLIVEUX, Jean-Jacques BERTRAND, Dominique BAZY, Jean-Luc BELINGARD, Philippe FAURE, Eduardo SANCHIZ, Eric DUCOURNAU and Pierre-Yves REVOL.