Cytotoxic, ADC and injectables

Cytotoxic, ADC and injectables Offer

With a huge background of more than 25 years in manufacturing injection products for worldwide markets, Pierre Fabre CDMO services is now covering all the needs of your parenteral manufacturing and development activities to be outsourced.

We are now offering a broad range of activities to help you manage your clinical and commercial needs. Offering the advantage to outsource your specialties in an already approved environment for clinical and commercial supply, our development center can provide a full range of services.

 For more information contact Christophe Compagnion and Alexandre Bastit

Cytotoxic, ADC and injectables technologies


Global development of your molecules shall be supported by our dedicated sites. Development and clinical manufacturing will be performed in GMP or non GMP environment to meet your needs.

Analytical development, Freeze drying cycle development, optimization and validation is part of our expertise

Global clinical approach with highly skilled expert engage with already commercialized products is the key for your success.

Cytotoxic, ADC and injectables units