Cytotoxic, ADC and injectables technologies


Pierre Fabre is manufacturing commercial and clinical injection products using isolators since more than 25 years. Our brand new factory open to outsourcing activities has been rewarded as Most Advanced Facility of the year 2008 by the European Outsourcing Awards. This to validate the longest experience of Pierre Fabre in manufacturing under such type of technology.
By choosing Pierre Fabre as a partner for your product you engage a partnership with the most secure manufacturing process for your product in term of sterility assurance and protection of the personnnel, your product and the environment. This is a must to succeed for your new projects.

Freeze Drying

In order to complete your development and to achieve a better sustainable product, your formulation might lead to the development of a dry cake to support improved shelf life of the product.

Pierre Fabre is fully designed for such new development and will advice and provide you all the cycle development capabilities for :

  • Conventional product development and optimization
  • High potent product development and optimization

These activities are fully masterized internally and will provide you a full service within the same company to prevent transfers and additional costs.

Explosion proof process capacities – ATEX compliant facility

Your specialties are more and more difficult to dissolve in aqueous solution and you need to use specially designed formulated liquids to incorporate and inject your specialty. This activity identified in pre-clinical and clinical phase will have a deep impact on the process and the equipment and building you will have to use in order to complete your filling process.
Even if this phase is intermediate due to the Freeze drying treatment, keep in mind that Freeze drying process is definitely a separation process and will lead to sublimate the solvent initially from a mixture of water and solvent, this would lead to have a Freeze Dryer Explosion proof compliant.
We can insure to our partner that this particular process can be managed in our installation at all scale, from clinical scale to commercial scale.