Dermaweb is a free and secure non-promotional service reserved for dermatologists, doctors and pharmacists, available throughout the world in five languages, designed and funded by Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics since 1997, and managed under the supervision of a scientific committee made up of 25 dermatology leaders, professors and dermatologists.

Thanks to its high-quality content, which is constantly updated, Dermaweb has been validated by 16 learned societies and now brings together almost 40,000 health care professionals (doctors and pharmacists) worldwide (175 countries), including 90% of French dermatologists and 20% of dermatologists worldwide.

The Dermaweb site has a search engine that uses a semantic artificial intelligence system for optimized searching in its scientific content:

  • 18 exclusive comprehensive training courses on a variety of dermatology-related subjects,
  • 1,000 case reports with details and illustrations,
  • 1,500 quizzes and multiple-choice questions, 76 training summary sheets,
  • 28,000 photographs and illustrations,
  • a public domain image library with 6,000 commented images,
  • 2 weekly newsletters,
  • 1 discussion forum,
  • numerous other tools and services...


Remaining true to its objective of providing a valuable, on-hand service, Dermaweb has designed and produced two free mobile apps to enable health care professionals to treat and advise their patients as effectively as possible.

SKINDRUG by Dermaweb

The first app for identifying skin reactions attributable to medication, enriched with a database containing 2079 INNs, 340 skin reactions and 741 known dermatological pathologies.

Do you have questions about a skin reaction?

Find out which side effects on the skin can be attributed to a molecule.

Available in French, English and Spanish

SKINDIAG by Dermaweb

SKINDIAG by Dermaweb, a peer-to-peer teledermatology service, providing invaluable diagnostic and therapeutic assistance, available on-hand to all health care professionals.

Do you have a question about a patient case?

Receive an answer from a hospital-based expert within 48 hours.

Available in French and English