Energy and resources

Energy assessment

In 2009, the energy assessment at our Avène production unit made it possible to map the main areas of energy use and identify possible actions to reduce consumption.

In 2010, we implemented the first actions by setting up a Free Cooling system (using external air in air treatment equipment to create cool air, with an expected reduction in emissions of nearly 50 tons of CO2 per year), optimizing the functioning of chillers to enable the production of iced water (expected reduction in emissions of more than 1 ton of CO2 per year), and setting up electronic speed adjusters to adjust cold water flow in installations as needed (expected reduction of more than 9 tons of CO2).

In 2011, the establishment of a Centralized Technical Management system made it possible to manage the main energy installations (heaters, free cooling air conditioning unit, compressed air, etc.) automatically, to share energy production equipment, to follow use and to adjust the functioning of installations according to the factory’s activity.

Paper use

  • At our French sites, the installation of network printers and automatic double-sided printing has made it possible to reduce paper consumption by nearly 10% (8,865 reams of paper), which equates to a reduction in emissions of 45 tons of CO2.
  • Our medical representatives in France now use touch pads to tell GPs and/or specialists about our products.
  • We have set up a project to optimize the sending of letters, invoices and statements. These documents are now grouped together in the same envelope and printed on two sides. With savings of more than 1.4 million sheets of paper and 200,000 envelopes, this action reduces our impact by an equivalent of 16 tons of CO2 per year.