Extraction expertise

Our expertise

  • Development and production of customized high quality extracts from plants and animals
  • Capacity to use a wide range of raw materials from plants (flowers, roots, berries, barks, seeds …) or animals (bones, cartilage…)
  • All our extraction capabilities and processes have been designed to improve plant extraction yield and productivity while offering all guaranties on reproductibility

Our extraction capabilities

We use state-of-the-art technology fully computer-controlled and designed to carefully avoid any flow crossover or cross-contamination risk.

  • 3 continuous extraction chains – 30 kg to 1000 kg/h (counter-current extraction technology working with all kind of solvents)
  • 4 horizontal batch extractors (12000 liters)
  • Reactors from 1000 to 6000 liters
  • Drying capabilities (micro-wave dryer and vacuum belt dryer)

Our workshops organized in multi-purpose modular units gave us the ability to run varied and flexible extraction technologies under strict quality standards.

  • Risk control and solvent recycling
  • Plants extraction total capacities of 5000 T per year
  • Animal extraction total capacities of 200 T per year
    Automated continuous extraction from 15 to 800 kg/h of dry plants
    Batch extraction up to 5T/day

=> Scale-up & industrialization of extraction from kilo-lab to multi-tons.