Gien celebrates its 50 year anniversary

In March 2014, the Gien pharmaceutical production unit celebrated its 50 year anniversary and 30 years as part of Laboratoires Pierre Fabre.
With no less than 134 million units produced in 2013, it manufactures 80% of the group's drugs.

Founded in 1963 by Rhône-Poulenc, the factory was acquired by Pierre Fabre in 1993.
In the early sixties, a subsidiary of Rhône-Poulenc set up a plant in Gien, which kicked off its activity in 1963.

In 1990, a merger between Rhône-Poulenc and the American company Rorer led to a reorganization, threatening the 2,000 jobs at the site. Laboratoires Pierre Fabre acquired the Gien site and became its owner in 1993.

Production unit of Gien in video



Built in 1963 at the instigation of the Rhône Poulenc laboratory, the Gien site was acquired by Pierre Fabre in 1993. Since then, it has continued to evolve and has doubled its production capacity. Today, it is the group’s most important pharmaceutical production site. It manufactures and packages dry (hard capsules, tablets, sachets), paste and liquid forms under pharmaceutical, dermo-cosmetic, and medical device status. It makes its expertise available to third-party laboratories and offers processing activities for the following pharmaceutical forms: dry forms, liquids and pastes.

The site is approved by health authorities in various regions: ANSM (France), EMA (Europe) and ANVISA (Brazil), among others.