Proven efficacy of our plant-based active ingredients. Quality standards based on our pharmaceutical culture.

As a pharmaceutical laboratory, our mission is to make products that are safe, tolerated and proven to be effective available to our partners, prescribers, patients and customers. The development and production of plant-based active ingredients does not depart from this mission. We aim to check and prove, for each of our plant-based active ingredients, their safe use and activity, whether they are used as medicines, in phytotherapy or in dermo-cosmetics.

Safety and traceability: a priority

    • 3_1_3_extraction.jpgIn-depth knowledge of plants and their origins.
    • Cultivation that is carried out or supervised by our agronomists, which represents over 70% of our plant supply for our extraction factories.
    • Direct contracts with farmers and harvesters which are subjet to strict Quality specifications.
    • Traceability for batches of plants and active ingredients: from supply to the extraction of plants and the production of the active ingredients to their inclusion in the formulas of finished products.
    • Extracts produced in our own extraction factory as part of the unique management system organized in compliance with the cGMPs (ICH Q7 guideline)*

*cGMPs = Current Good Manufacturing Processes.

ICH = International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use

    • Direct contracts with extractors which must respect specifications defining the quality details for the active ingredients and their production conditions.
    • Testing on plants and active ingredients at the main development and production stages (botanical identification, checking for the absence of contamination, checking the correct active ingredient content in the extract, etc.): 
      • 3_1_3_tracabilite.jpgAn average of 6 different analyses for plants used in dermo-cosmetics and 18 for those used in the medical field
      • An average of 8 different analyses for plants used in dermo-cosmetics and 12 for those used in the medical field
  • 100% of our supply affiliates are controlled, of which 81% by supplier audits.
  • Supplier audits carried out on the basis of items relating to quality and sustainable development.