At the heart of Madagascar

Actions taken by our subsidiary in Madagascar for over 40 years demonstrate the Group's overall approach to social responsibility.

Looking back on actions taken via the 5 pillars of our CSR approach.

Governance & Ethics

Our subsidiary was labeled a "responsible company" according to Ecocert's ESR (Fairness, Solidarity and Responsibility) standard.

Innovation & Health/Beauty

We are helping fight against malnutrition affecting children in Madagascar, by paying 5% of our sales from the Centella Asiatica leaf to the National Office for Nutrition, so they can develop social projects. In addition, the Pierre Fabre Foundation contributed to renovating the Ranopiso maternity based on a proposal from our subsidiary.

People & Regions

An independent firm, Utopies, assessed the socio-economic impact of our subsidiary. The results show a significant effect on local employment with over 1,000 jobs supported. One job created by our subsidiary generates 27 additional jobs on the island.

Knowledge & Nature Conservation

Our 200 hectares of farmland and the Ranopiso Arboretum have Ecocert organic farming certification. We also decided to create a 163-hectare nature reserve on our land to protect and list the species endemic to South Madagascar.

Ecodesign & Industrial Footprint

Its contribution to the national reforestation operation, "one child = one tree planted" as well as the employees planting 15,000 trees to make up for the carbon footprint generated by manufacturing our cancer drugs (made using tropical periwinkle, mainly grown in Madagascar), earned the subsidiary the Ecocert "Reforestation and Solidarity" label.