...An “in-the-field” role galvanizing promotional media in points-of-sale


Showcase products, optimize and negotiate the set-up of our display cases and shelf displays in our points-of-sale.

Main activities

  • Creating display cases in the points-of-sale, setting up POS displays, product displays
  • Stocktaking and checking shelf displays
  • Working on shelf displays (arranging, reorganizing, moving, partitioning, etc.)
  • Regularly setting up special displays to showcase products (aisle-end displays, hot spots)
  • Negotiating locations and visibility
  • Helping with the overall refitting of stores for the Group for its points-of-sale
  • Providing competitive intelligence and forwarding information to hierarchy
  • Regular customer monitoring (managing the customer base, visiting sites regularly)
  • Managing the assigned promotional tool provision


  • Training: 2 years technical/commercial training
  • Young graduate or first professional experience
  • Position providing opportunities in sales or management
  • Persuasion, precision, customer service acumen
  • Responsiveness, anticipation and flexibility