...A role focusing on optimizing the industrial base and continual improvement in factories


Analyze, propose and implement technical and improvement projects for our products

Main activities

  • Forecasting, calculating and optimizing industrial production costs
  • Checking the feasibility of new products in conjunction with the Marketing, Packaging Development, New Products, Production, etc. departments: identifying requirements, helping to draft specifications, validating technical specifications, etc.
  • Helping to launch products: taking part in industrial testing and developing technical production data (operating modes, quality levels and optimal cost, etc.)
  • Participating in investment analyses (machines and tooling) and/or organization analyses: collecting requirements, estimating cost-effectiveness, monitoring the purchasing and fulfillment schedules, etc.
  • Ensuring performance is improved and technical issues are resolved in the different production sectors so that product quality and working and productivity conditions may be optimized


  • 2-year training in Production Engineering and Organization/ Packaging/ Maintenance
  • Knowledge of continual improvement and issue solving tools (TPM, SMED, 5S, 5M, Lean)
  • Experience in running working groups and managing projects
  • Knowledge of health, safety and quality rules and regulations in effect in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries
  • Flexibility, team spirit, analytical ability, innovativeness and creativity, precision

Method technician at Pierre Fabre Laboratories:

One of the challenges for the method technician is to ensure that the production base remains flexible in the factories where production involves galenic forms and different packaging (shape, material, etc.). Optimization is the Methods department’s focal point for all of the Group’s factories that are committed to a continual improvement approach.