...A line manager who provides a crucial link between the field and factory management


Manage and oversee packaging activities

Main activities

  • Organizing the sector packaging activity to comply with the workload schedule in conjunction with factory departments
  • Overseeing and managing the team by encouraging exchanges
  • Ensuring the safety of goods and persons by checking that rules are applied and helping implement measures related to safety, working conditions, etc.
  • Analyzing sector activity using productivity and quality indicators; recommending corrective actions to be taken for remediating any discrepancies
  • Enhancing performance by helping scale-up workers’ technical expertise, by optimizing the use of production resources and by contributing to technical, organizational, etc. improvements.


  • 2-year technical, production degree
  • Proven experience in production or in peripheral production services
  • Experience in managing and organizing work for teams
  • Knowledge of health, safety and quality rules and regulations in effect in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries
  • Skilled in office automation tools and Computer-Aided Production Management software (CAPM)
  • Ability to manage a team, helping others develop, team spirit, responsiveness and anticipation, business acumen, rigor.

Packaging sector manager at Pierre Fabre Laboratories:

In addition to their geographical location, the different factories of the Group provide the packaging sector manager with the opportunity to gain expertise and skills in a variety of processes and equipment for packaging tubes, bottles, aerosols, injectable doses, blisters, pill dispensers, capsules, sticks, patches, soaps, etc.