...A consultancy and support role that contributes to corporate development and sustainability


Protect corporate inventions and defend corporate intellectual property rights

Main activities

  • Identifying and analyzing the characteristics of “innovation”, in conjunction with the “inventors” and weighing up opportunities for filing patents based on patentability criteria
  • Structuring patent requests, handling the patent filing procedure, obtaining patents (directly or through third-party firms) and providing administrative follow-up
  • Advising and submitting proposals to researchers on work that may lead to a patent
  • Promoting the corporate patent portfolio: requesting the extension, exploitation and/or transfer of patent certificates based on the Group’s strategic choices
  • Developing the intellectual property strategy
  • Handling litigation
  • Implementing a technological watch to keep up-to-date on patent filing and patents as well as on the technological advances of rivals


  • 5 years of scientific engineering training followed by intellectual property training
  • At least 2 to 5 years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical R&D
  • Conscientiousness, analytical ability, flexibility, open-mindedness