...A role that is involved in assessing and monitoring risks related to taking pharmaceuticals


Involved in the administrative management of Adverse Events observed when pharmaceuticals are taken

Main activities

  • Inputting and coding observations of adverse effects in a medical database and drafting details in English.
  • Monitoring patient records with doctors.
  • Drafting and circulating pharmacovigilance reports to Health Authorities, to foreign partners and to Group subsidiaries within the given timeframes.
  • Performing different types of query on computerized databases.
  • Carrying out bibliographic information research on pharmaceuticals.
  • Managing the travel organization and schedule for the pharmacovigilance manager.
  • Classifying and archiving all types of document in compliance with established standards.


  • 2-year scientific degree, completed by a Professional (Vocational) Degree in “Pharmacovigilance data management.”
  • Experience in secretarial skills and/or database management, preferably in the medical field or in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Mastery of computer software (text processing tools, spreadsheets, pharmacovigilance-specific software).
  • Proficiency in English (oral, written).
  • Writing skills.
  • Rigor, team spirit, analytical ability.