...This role combines production process expertise with managerial skills


Manage the manufacturing/packaging activities of one or several workshops on a production site

Main activities

  • Coordinating and overseeing production activities (manufacturing and packaging) in compliance with the objectives established for costs, timeframes and quality, pursuant to health, safety and environmental conditions
  • Managing the production workshop teams by privileging skills development
  • Managing workshop performance by optimizing human and material resource allocation
  • Promoting the implementation of continual improvement projects
  • Participating in scaling up of new products and in optimizing existing products
  • Engineer, pharmacist training


  • Engineer, pharmacist training
  • Significant experience in managing in an industrial environment
  • Knowledge of production techniques and standards applicable to pharmaceutical and/or cosmetics and/or agri-food industries
  • Knowledge of continual improvement tools (Kaizen, SMED, 5S, TPM, etc.) and tools for measuring the performance of production sites (TRS, etc.)
  • Knowledge of information systems related to the activity (CAPM, etc.)
  • Ability to manage a team, helping others develop, business acumen, customer service acumen, self-assertiveness, strategic vision.

Production manager at Pierre Fabre Laboratories:

The varying sizes of our industrial sites and the diversity of their activities, ranging from small and medium-scale series to long-run production, provide the opportunity to manage production teams that cover a variety of field conditions: from overseeing the manufacturing and packaging activities of 30 to 150 employees to managing autonomous production teams with integrated logistics and techniques, etc.