...A strategic role that contributes to the Group’s competitiveness.


Manage and optimize the economic performance and quality of a purchasing category.

Main activities

  • Defining and carrying out an action plan for the purchasing categories assigned
  • Canvassing and referencing suppliers in accordance with specifications
  • Carrying out/participating in quality audits and in supplier appraisals
  • Developing the tools required for monitoring activities (dashboards, etc.) and identifying indicators for measuring performance
  • Negotiating and optimizing framework agreements and strategic markets based on the perimeter assigned
  • Validating contracts/ agreements drafted by the legal department and processing supplier litigation
  • Providing permanent business intelligence of the market and suppliers for the purchasing category assigned


  • Training: 5-years Management/ Procurement training
  • Junior to senior profiles based on the perimeter and the budget managed• Junior to senior profiles based on the perimeter and the budget managed
  • Negotiating skills
  • Self-assertiveness, ability to summarize, analytical ability, open-mindedness

Purchaser at Pierre Fabre Laboratories:

In a leading-edge Group that creates, develops, manufactures and commissions the manufacture of products, Purchasers manage a portfolio that comprises raw materials (mainly chemical), packaging and/or finishing articles.