...An administrative role that helps ensure that financial statements are reliable


Process supplier invoices for the perimeter assigned

Main activities

  • Recording the invoices within a specific perimeter and a given timeframe, in accordance with standard accounting and tax practices
  • Carrying out the inventory work required for aligning expenses with the financial period and for establishing monthly and annual accounts (provisions, account reconciliation and justification)
  • Monitoring accounting status using management tools
  • Ensuring internal procedures are applied (chargeable expenses, validation thresholds, signatures, etc.)
  • Settling the invoices for the perimeter assigned within the legal and/or contractual timeframes, monitoring the status of overdue receivables and following up the different signatories in the event of dispute
  • Providing analyses and/or accounting evidence for internal and/or external reporting requirements
  • Providing tax and social security returns (VAT, banking, etc.) and recording bank postings


  • 3 years training in accounting/management
  • Proficiency working with advanced Excel functions
  • Conscientiousness, flexibility, responsiveness and anticipation, team spirit