...A key role in developing the sales of a range of products


Promote and sell our products to pharmacies

Main activities

  • Negotiating (price/volume, conditions of sale, delivery times) and selling products from the range, drafting agreements and purchase orders. Proposing and negotiating commercial packages and services
  • Informing and responding to questions from pharmacists, pharmacy staff and other customers concerning one or several effects/consequences of using the product (characteristics, contraindications, incremental benefits)
  • Presenting the characteristics and advantages of products using promotional tools
  • Offering advice on merchandising, product reselling and stock management
  • Developing order, invoicing and customer-account tracking systems (litigation, unsold/returns, etc.) and/or bids for tender
  • Developing a sector action plan based on national and regional objectives (targeting, resource proposals, etc.)
  • Collecting and transmitting pharmacovigilance information
  • Managing the customer base and stock of promotional tools
  • Providing competitive intelligence and forwarding information to hierarchy


  • Training: 2 to 3 years technical-sales training and scientific training
  • Accessible to applicants with 2 to 3 years of sales experience, ideally in a pharmacy or drugstore
  • Persuasion, precision, customer service acumen and business acumen