Biology Research Technician


Biology Research Technician

I work on ambitious, cutting-edge projects

My assignments

I carry out complex research work on a daily basis.

I work on pharmacological evaluations for drug trial candidates where I undertake analyses, measurements and trials on primary cells.

Each step is part of a meticulous process.

I also optimize new protocols and I help develop and implement new research techniques.

In addition to applying protocols, I monitor and document scientific experiments.

My experience

When I finished my Professional (Vocational) Degree in Analytical and Experimental Biology, I began an internship at Pierre Fabre Laboratories.

This first professional experience in the pharmacological sector offered me the opportunity to work in different advanced technician positions.

I then joined the microbiotechnology department of the Pierre Fabre Research Institute.

I went on to join the experimental oncology research center and then, in 2011, the neuropsychiatry research center (in the neuropsychopharmacology department).