Head of Management Control


Head of Management Control

I support operational staff and facilitate decision-making

My assignments

Most of my activity consists in analyzing and modeling economic data for a specific reason: to anticipate the changes in results and to guide decision-makers’ choices.

I must provide analyses that are as close as possible to business and economic environment reality. To ensure reliability, I work hand-in-hand with operational staff on a daily basis, and I travel regularly to our subsidiaries.

Our support ranges from providing easy-to-use management tools for brands in France and for young subsidiaries to drafting regular reports and ad-hoc studies for Management.

My job combines a strategic aspect and a human one with increasingly international scope.


My experience

I followed a French and German university course and studied business management at Paris Dauphine and in Frankfurt.

I began my career in a multinational company in the electronics sector, where I held different management positions, in sales administration and in management control.

7 years later, in 2006, I joined the team in the management control and analysis department at Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics, first of all covering the R&D perimeter and then the sales division.

Since September 2010, I have been in charge of management control for the Europe/Middle East/Africa and Phytodermatology division, which comprises 13 subsidiaries, 7 export zones and 3 brands: Klorane, Elancyl and A-Derma. I manage a team comprising two sales management auditors on a daily basis.