R&D Project Leader


R&D Project Leader

Highly-attentive to marketing department needs

My assignments

First of all I list all the needs expressed by the marketing department in the specifications, and I consolidate the technical response hand-in-hand with business experts. I then draft the development plan, which comprises a schedule and a budget estimate. This plan is geared towards national and/or international product registration and has to adapt to the changes in constraints and to regulatory strategies. I interface with a wide range of parties both in-house and externally.

I work directly with the heads of pharmaceutical, pre-clinical and clinical development to assess activity progress. On the projects that I manage, I am also the direct contact for partners and healthcare experts. These projects represent major challenges for the brand and for general management. Consequently, I draft and transmit reliable and regular reports that help guide decision-making at all times.

My experience

I hold a PhD in Pharmacy with a specialization in industrial research, and I also hold a PhD in Biological and Medical Engineering.

Following a year working as a teacher-researcher, I became international R&D project leader.

I have worked as the research and development project leader for Pierre Fabre Dermatology since 2005.