About the postdoctoral program

Scientists come to Pierre Fabre from all around the world to perform world-class work to solve for the most challenging diseases. We’ve created a culture dedicated to scientific excellence focused on 
solving the most challenging diseases in state-of-the-art facilities.

Our objective is to find the world’s best talent and matching it with amazing mentors who share a passion for innovation and advancing our understanding of disease mechanisms in order to identify tomorrow’s cure.

Pierre Fabre is launching its postdoctoral fellowship program to accelerate our pursuit of critical questions driving the identification of transformative therapies for patients.

The primary focus of postdoctoral fellows is to advance our understanding of disease mechanisms and publish their results in top tier journals, and present those results at major international meetings.  Fellows will also participate in career-building activities intended on building their knowledge of drug development in order to facilitate their transition to a number of different career paths in biomedical sciences.  The fellowship program is focused on developing the next generation of independent investigators.

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