Postdoctoral fellowship Q&A

How long is a postdoctoral fellowship at Pierre Fabre?

The minimum duration is 18 months, some fellowships may be two years. This term may be extended on a case-by-case basis.

What is the process for interviews and hiring of Postdoctoral Fellows?

Following an initial round of evaluation based on your résumé and letter of interest, if you are selected will then be invited for an on-site interview. Altogether from the moment you apply and complete all necessary requirements and the time you receive an answer expect approximately 6 weeks.

Will you provide opportunities to collaborate with academic institutions?

Mentors have been selected for many reasons including but not limited to their network in the academic world and track record of publications. There will absolutely be opportunities to set up collaborations. The more collaborations, the more exciting your projects can become.

Will I be able to choose my own project?

As part of the Postdoctoral fellowship progrmas, projects have been carefully selected to ensure that your contributions can quickly impact our on-going areas of investigation and thereby maximize your publication opportunities by leveraging existing experise. However, you and your mentor can adjust, add based on mutual understandings. It is actually encouraged to augment the reach of projects.

Will I be able to publish?

This is one of the key expectation of the Postdoctoral Fellowship program. We will aim for the best possible scientific reports. Research proposals have been carefully selected to minimize the dependency on internal assets and thereby limit publication opportunities.

Will I be offered a job in your company after my postdoctoral fellowship?

The fellowship program is focused on training scientists to become independent investigators. This training will increase your competitiveness for many jobs. You will of course be able to apply to any job opening within Pierre Fabre, however there is no guarantee that a position for which you are interested or competitive will be posted at the right time for you, or that a Pierre Fabre postdoc will compete successfully for an open position.

How will I be exposed to the drug development world?

You’ll be able to participate in workshops both internally and externally in order to learn as much as possible about drug development. Regular seminar series are also part of our routine. You’ll be able to present several times during your time in order to gain as much exposure as possible.