Postdoctoral mentors

The Pierre Fabre Postdoctoral Fellowship mentors are accomplished scientists in leadership roles with advanced drug discovery experience. Our mentors submit proposals that undergo a rigorous selection process in order to ensure the highest possible quality for our fellows.  All mentors are committed to advancing life changing medicines as well as scientific publications.

Anne Marie Schmitt, MD

Dr. Anne Marie Schmitt is the Global Head Director of Dermatology Innovation Unit at Pierre Fabre R&D. 

Anne Marie is also working as pediatric dermatologist at the University Hospital of Toulouse (France). 

Anne-Marie is focused on driving a R&D strategy for drug development in dermatology and on building an attractive portfolio of high added value projects. 

The 2 strategic clinical priorities are the Non Melanoma Skin Cancers and atopic dermatitis. Regarding NMSC, her team is working on the role of the tumor microenvironment in the progression of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. For atopic dermatitis, her main interest is focused on the role of the skin microbiota in the immune response and dysregulation.

Anne-Marie is a MD with specialization in dermatology  and holds a MSc of Physiopathology and Immunology.

She is also awarded an MBA degree from ESCP (Business Strategy for managers).

Eric Chetaille, MD

Dr Eric Chetaille leads the research and development efforts in oncology, at Pierre Fabre R&D. 

Previously, Eric was the head of the oncology clinical development department at Ipsen Innovation and was also a permanent member at corporate level of the group in charge of evaluating external opportunities and defining the Ipsen oncology strategy for the next year. 

Prior to Ipsen, Eric worked at the Institut de Recherche International Servier in different therapeutic areas, on the clinical development of different drugs from early phase up to registration.

Eric is a MD with board certification in clinical biology and clinical pharmacology from Université d’Amiens (France) and competencies in Biostatistics with more than 18 years of experience in the clinical development within the pharma industry.

Nathalie Corvaïa, PhD

Dr Nathalie Corvaïa is Head of New Biologic Entity Platform at Pierre Fabre R&D. Her scientifics interests are in Immuno-conjugates, small scaffold, applied to Immuno-Oncology and Dermatology.

Nathalie holds a PhD in Cellular Immunology.

Philippe Maillos, PhD

Dr Philippe Maillos is Head New Chemical Entity platform at Pierre Fabre R&D. His scientific interests are: Medicinal Chemistry and drug design, Natural substance chemistry, Organic chemistry, Research of new chemical pathway and process development.

Philippe holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry.