92% of students completing internships at Pierre Fabre would recommend the company to their friends

19 October 2018

On Wednesday, October 17, in front of more than 350 human resources professionals brought together in Paris at the Brasserie Printemps, the ChooseMyCompany organization announced the award winners of the 6th Happy Index® Trainees 2019 ranking. Competing in the category for companies receiving more than 100 interns per year, this year the Pierre Fabre group entered into the top 10.

Pierre Fabre: an employer providing good internships

The students completing internships at Pierre Fabre are in tune with their inner self, and it shows! For the 6th year running, the Pierre Fabre group has been awarded the "ChooseMyCompany  / Happy Index® Trainees" label and has climbed to 9th place in the rankings. With substantially improved results compared to the previous year, the students gave an overall score of 4.16/5 and 92% of them would recommend the Pierre Fabre group to a close friend for completing an internship.  


Students surveyed on 6 aspects

More than 330 interns and work-placement students were invited to participate in the survey between September and August 2018. 171 of them responded anonymously. 

Just like the 2,000 organizations that took part in the survey, the Pierre Fabre group was assessed on 6 aspects: 

  • professional development;
  • work environment;
  • management;
  • motivation;
  • pride;
  • and enjoyment.

Assignments that are meaningful and fun at work: the formula for a Pierre Fabre internship 

The students approached for the Happy Index® Trainees survey highlighted professional development, motivation and the enjoyment of coming to work at Pierre Fabre. Almost 9 out of 10 of them said they found their assignment and skills development meaningful, which is a fantastic result that, above all, we owe to the mentors’ involvement! 

Mentors who are committed to their training mission

This ranking involves a policy in support of training for students and the involvement of Pierre Fabre supervisory staff which is recognized. 
For many years, the Pierre Fabre group has made a special point of providing training for young people, training them in 500 careers in the range of activities from health to beauty, and forging strong links with the academic world, both in France and abroad. 
On a daily basis, the industry experts or mentors make every effort to offer meaningful assignments and get involved in the learning of interns and work-study students.

What do you like the MOST about your company?

The personal relationships within the departments and between the departments. 08/23/2018 (Quality Intern. Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals)

Being project manager and that my managers trust me --> motivation +++ 06/14/2018 (Marketing / Sales Intern, Pierre Fabre, Kedge Business School)