A-Derma, sponsor of the “Portraits de Peaux” photography project and exhibition

2 September 2016

Sponsor of the exhibition “Portraits de Peaux”, A-Derma is continuing its commitment to a policy of corporate social and environmental responsibility. A-Derma is providing support to Guillaume Oliver for the development of this artistic project. 

Featuring full-scale, life-size prints, Guillaume Oliver’s portraits shine a spotlight on atopic patients. These “skin portraits” allow us to see the individual beyond the disease, invite us to change our outlook, and prompt us to examine the level of prejudice conveyed by society.

The eleven portraits which constitute the first series are accompanied by firsthand accounts, veritable collections of ills formulated in response to the question posed by the artist: “could you tell me about your skin”?

To produce these portraits and approach the patients, the photographer worked with the dermatologist Dr. Magali Bourrel-Bouttaz. She says

Posing in front of the watchful eye of the photographer is a way of repairing this battered image and of regaining a little self-esteem.

The mission of A-DERMA, the Pierre Fabre Group’s expert brand for fragile skin, is to care for fragile skin and to protect it. In this sense, supporting Guillaume Oliver’s project seemed natural to the brand.

The skin is displayed to the degree determined by the patient, accompanied by my artistic interpretation in order to bear witness to this moment of giving and sharing.Guillaume Oliver

Où voir cette exposition?

This exhibition will be held in Lyon on November 18 and 19 at the 24th "Peau humaine et Société" (Human skin and Society) forum, which this year has the theme of “Skin and art.”

They have already been exhibited at galerie SIT DOWN à Paris (July 5-9, 2016).