Artistic tribute to Mr Pierre Fabre

September 2, 2014

To mark the one year anniversary of his passing (deceased July 21, 2013), several commemorations took place in Castres (Tarn region) to pay tribute to Mr. Pierre Fabre. In addition to the tributes paid by employees and inhabitants of his home town, two artistic creations produced by the French-Chinese painter Yan Pei-Ming and the German sculptor Stephan Balkenhol were unveiled. We look at these works of art through the testimony of artists and employees who worked together on this exceptional project.

When Pierre Fabre Laboratories were deciding how to mark the first anniversary of the passing of its founder, an artistic tribute seemed the natural choice. In the span of 50 years, Mr Pierre fabre grew the company from a pharmacy in Castres to an international pharmaceutical group; this is an original and bold creation. With an eye for beauty and a great awareness of art, architecture and culture, he was a key sponsor who supported the main
museums in the Midi-Pyrénées region. He commissioned architect Roger Taillibert, member of the Institute of architects, to design several of the company’s emblematic buildings including the Pierre Fabre Research and Development center located at the Toulouse Oncopole campus.

With the help of entreprisecontemporaine®, a young company specializing in fusing the worlds of business and contemporary art, the Group embarked on an original and unique artistic adventure in France, using the expertise of international artists to bring to life the vision, energy and humanist values of Mr Pierre Fabre.

By the end of 2013, twenty contemporary artists had made it to the first shortlist. Fifteen employees representing the company’s main activities and having worked for the company for varying amounts of time were invited to give their opinion of the relevance of this artistic tribute, to specify the values it would embody and to help reduce the shortlist to eight artists. After a final presentation to the family and friends of Mr Pierre Fabre in March 2014, two artists were chosen: Yan Pei-Ming, for a painted triptych portrait and Stephan Balkenhol for a polychrome bronze statue.

Discover the creative process and the execution of these works by watching three films produced with the help of the artists and employees who worked on the project.