Sustainable development

High Environmental Value Certification for Pierre Fabre Agronomie

May 29, 2013

On May 6th, as part of the Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre program, Pierre Fabre Agronomie was granted “High Value Environmental organization” (HVE – Haute Valeur Environnementale) status.

As part of the Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise program, Pierre Fabre Agronomie, which runs the organic farming operations spanning 150 hectares in the Tarn department in southwest France (producing barley, calendula, cornflower, etc.), has just received High Environmental Value (HVE) certification.

This certification covers the whole farming operation, and vouches for the adherence to environmental performance thresholds with regards to biodiversity, phytosanitary strategy, and fertilization and water resources management. It is granted by an independent external authority which ensures that the February 2012 thresholds laid down by a ministerial decree from the agricultural and environment ministry, following the “Grenelle 2” law, are upheld.  

Environmental certification for farming operations meets a need which was clearly expressed during the environment summit, to identify operations which are committed to measures that are particularly respectful of the environment.

Pierre Fabre Agronomie was created at the end of 2011, and has become the first farming operation in the Tarn to be involved in this program. The level obtained is 3, the highest, and is a testament to the effective commitment to respecting the environment.

This recognition enables Pierre Fabre to go beyond organic farming by piloting other continuing improvement actions to optimize this project that will be of benefit to our society (crop rotation, reduction of bare land in winter to curb excessive water flow and nitrate leaching, crop diversification, conservation of pollinizing insects through the installation of hives, followed by pollination by monitoring solitary bees, etc.).