Innov'Action Prizes: Pierre Fabre Médicament & Santé rewards the innovative spirit of its employees

July 10, 2013

After the first Innov'Action Prizes event, organised in 2011 by the dermocosmetics branch, Pierre Fabre is rewarding the most innovative projects promoted by the employees of its pharmaceutical branch.

Innovation is one of the eight values that the culture of Laboratoires Pierre Fabre has been guided by ever since it was founded. Launched in 2011 by the dermocosmetics branch, the Innov'Action Prizes aim at adding value to and rewarding projects – those recently undertaken or in the process of being deployed – that show a high capacity for innovation, whether that involves an innovative "shake-up" leading to a far-reaching change to our activities, or innovation that concerns improving what we already have.

All initiatives were eligible, whether they were of a scientific, technical, organisational or commercial nature, in so far as they had already generated measurable results, as the principle of these prizes was above all not just to open a simple suggestions box.

An evaluation committee made up of experts from different fields of business (Research, Development, IT, Sustainable Development, Legal Affairs, Human Resources, France and International) examined the projects according to six criteria: the innovative character, whether the action is in line with the priorities of the branch's strategic plan, whether it can be duplicated, the process used to manage it, the results, and the consideration of sustainable development.

Nearly 700 employees in five categories participated in the Innov'Action Prizes: employees who are aware that innovation is a key factor for the growth of our activities. Among the prize-winning projects were Persolien, a telephone support service for patients undergoing oral chemotherapy treatment, and the construction of the Antibody Biotechnology Unit (UBA) in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, which combines compliance to pharmaceutical requirements (Good Manufacturing Practices) with environmental requirements (High Environmental Quality experimental approach).