Intelligence in every sense with Pierre Fabre for the 2018 e-health summer University

5 July 2018

Pierre Fabre has partnered up with the 12th e-Health Summer University to be held in Castres from July 3 to 5, 2018. Some 900 players and decision-makers from the health and innovation sector will come together for a series of debates on the topic of intelligence applied to health. As part of an open innovation initiative, the Pierre Fabre Group will attend this now unmissable event and take part in the round tables, in addition to sponsoring the Great Prize category of the E-health Trophies and organizing a hackathon with a health theme: the AI Health Challenge.


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Imagining tomorrow’s health sector

Driven and organized by Castres Mazamet Technopole, the 2018 e-Health Summer University will be held on sites that are symbolic of the vitality of the city of Castres: the Castres Mazamet Hospital (abbreviated to CHIC in French!) and the town hall, although the venue for the main events is the lSIS e-Health engineering school on July 4 and 5.

Patients, healthcare professionals, industry players, academics, government representatives and more will get together to discuss potential future interactions between the world of health and the digital sector. The strength of this unmissable annual event lies in its ability to consider e-Health from all angles.

By offering a 360° overview of the issues involved, the e-Health Summer University provides a genuine opportunity to share ideas and foster collective innovation to tackle the challenges raised by the transformation of our health system.


Intelligence in every sense

For this 12th edition of the e-Health Summer University, the chosen theme is “Intelligence in every sense,” with the goal of adopting a cross-disciplinary approach to the question of intelligence applied to health. 
With this aim in mind, the Pierre Fabre Group will offer 24 hours of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to challenge the health sector in the form of a full-scale hackathon, the AI Health Challenge.


Alongside a panel of experts, the Group will also launch a debate on issues related to “Security and user experience in e-Health” and “Blockchain in healthcare” during two round tables. 



Spotlight on the Pierre Fabre Great Prize category of the e-Health Trophies


The Pierre Fabre Group is the long-standing sponsor of the e-Health Trophies and awards the Great Prize e-Health Trophy each year.

Boosting worldwide innovations, the e-Health Trophies draw attention to projects submitted in nine categories:

  • Telemedicine
  • MHealth for patients and the general public
  • MHealth for healthcare professionals
  • Artificial Intelligence & Big Data / Data
  • Healthcare coordination
  • Autonomy and homecare
  • Connected healthcare objects
  • Serious game for health (NEW)
  • Animal e-Health (NEW)

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