Klorane Bébé is participating in the training of 15,000 african midwives

September 24, 2014

Klorane Bébé is supporting the ‘‘Stand Up For African Mothers’’ campaign by AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation), the leading public health NGO in Africa and is participating in the training of 15,000 African midwives to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Africa.

Over 162,000 women die each year during pregnancy or childbirth in Sub-Saharan Africa where the risk of maternal mortality is 1,000 times higher than in France. And yet 80% of these deaths could be avoided through the training of health care personnel, and mainly midwives.

1 trained African midwife = 500 mothers helped each year and thousands of babies that will be born in better conditions.

Two lines of concrete action will be proposed by Klorane Bébé in October 2014:

  • In pharmacies: Klorane Bébé will donate part of the proceeds of its sales of Duo Baby Gentle Foaming Gel.

  • On the Internet: Klorane Bébé and AMREF have come up with an original way of getting everyone involved by creating a special lullaby for the occasion. This "lullaby for life", composed and performed by Inna Modja, singer and ambassador for AMREF, can be downloaded free from the month of October via facebook. For each download, Klorane Bébé will donate €1 to AMREF.