Liberto Yubéro elected President of Cancer-Bio-Santé Cluster

June 29, 2015

The Board of Directors of the Cancer-Bio-Santé Cluster elected Liberto Yubéro as President at its general meeting on June 23. Liberto Yubéro, doctor of medicine, is Secretary General of the Institut de Recherche Pierre Fabre headquartered at the Toulouse-Oncopole campus. He succeeds Pierre Montoriol, Founding President of Société Hémodia, as President. Pierre Montoriol had held this post since 2009.


The Pierre Fabre Group has been committed to the success of the Oncopole project since its creation and is a key player in the Cancer-Bio-Santé Cluster. It was in this spirit that I presented my candidature as President of the Cluster. In the face of the major issues confronting health care industries and technologies, we must come together to accelerate the development of new therapeutic, diagnostic and technological solutions, which will come forth from our network of biotechs and regional SMEs. It is vital that our health care companies be positioned to make optimal use of our excellent medico-scientific environment to benefit patients and health care professionals. I will be committed to take on this mission as President of the Cancer-Bio-Santé Cluster, which will involve strengthening synergies between all stakeholders,  said Liberto Yubéro following his election.

I am very happy to pass the baton to Liberto Yubéro who will be more than capable of stimulating the momentum required to ensure the continuation of committed efforts, said Pierre Montoriol "In the rapidly-changing geoeconomic context in which the Cluster finds itself, it is important to unite all players and parties involved. I am confident that the new governance has what it takes.

Created in 2005, Cancer-Bio-Santé is a bi-regional Competitiveness Cluster (Midi-Pyrénées and Limousin). It aims at creating value by encouraging the emergence of innovative Research and Development solutions for health care industries. Its activities are part of a collaborative environment at the interface of players in academic and private research, industry and training in Midi-Pyrénées and Limousin. At the end of 2014, the Cancer-Bio-Santé Cluster federated 101 members and had approved 163 collaborative R&D projects for total financing of €231 million.

The Institut de Recherche et Développement Pierre Fabre has been located on the Oncopole campus since September 2010. It houses an oncology research laboratory. On the same site it shares the teams and equipment necessary for the development and production of new chemical and biological molecules of natural origin. It draws on public and private partnerships and is dedicated to the development of translational medicine, notably in association with University Cancer Institute of Toulouse (IUCT).