Pierre Fabre associated with the creation of the Midi-Pyrénées Green Chemistry Cluster

3 February 2014

On 20 January the Midi-Pyrénées Union des industries chimiques [Union of chemical industries] officially launched its green chemistry cluster for the networking of research companies and laboratories .

The Midi-Pyrénées Union des industries chimiques (UIC) instigated the creation of the green chemistry cluster which is open to all industrial players concerned. The aim is to bring together local companies active in the chemistry sector (aeronautics, health, agrofood, etc.) in order to help them generate new innovative projects in keeping with sustainable development.

The Green Chemistry Cluster comes across as an efficient tool that makes it possible to link up regional sectors in order to raise awareness among the players and help them play a significant role in emerging markets, whether they be local, national or global, stresses Cédric Cabanes, president of the Midi-Pyrénées Union des industries chimiques (UIC).

The chemical sector employs 5,100 people in Midi-Pyrénées, in 134 companies. Thirty-seven have already joined this new cluster. The green chemistry market expects a turnover of 200 billion euros in Europe by 2020. Its aim is to reduce the use and production of toxic products, reduce quantities of waste and use renewable raw materials.

Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, as an industrial company and co-founder of the cluster, is setting up a number of actions in line with one or several principles of green chemistry, in particular at the Gaillac active ingredients production site. Since the creation of this production site in 1976, the principles of this ‘sustainable’ chemistry have been systematically applied to all chemical activities and implemented from conception to final industrial process.


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