Pierre Fabre Dermatologie receives the Prix Galien award for Hemangiol®

December 5, 2014

On Thursday, December 4, Pierre Fabre Dermatologie received the Prix Galien award for pharmaceutical research for Hemangiol®, the first oral pediatric propranolol solution developed for use in pediatric dermatology.

Each year the Prix Galien award distinguishes recent therapeutic innovations made available to health care professionals and patients as well as work carried out in the field of pharmaceutical research. The members of the jury not only include Nobel laureates, but also experts and specialists in pharmacology, therapeutics, pharmacy, medicine, clinical practice, biochemistry and toxicology. The Prix Galien award is considered the highest distinction conferred each year in the field of pharmaceutical research. 

This year, Pierre Fabre Dermatologie was rewarded for Hemangiol®, an oral pediatric propranolol solution.
Hemangiol® is the first dermatology drug to receive the award since Daivonex in 1993 (drug for the topical treatment of psoriasis from LEO Pharma Laboratories).

The interest of propranolol for pediatric dermatology was observed in 2007 by Doctor Christine Léauté-Labrèze, a dermatologist at BordeauxUniversityHospital.

Pierre Fabre Dermatologie, specialized in dermatology for 30 years, partnered with the University of Bordeaux to carry out the scientific, clinical and industrial development of this new drug. The development confirmed propranolol's efficacy and determined its tolerability, defined the dosages and treatment regimen to be used, with a formula specifically studied for pediatric use.

The arrival of this new drug is a shining example of the success of a public-private partnership in promoting public research.