Pierre Fabre joins the IQ International Consortium

November 2, 2015

On November 2, 2015, Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals joined the IQ International Consortium, which aims to advance science and technology by facilitating collaboration and exchange between its members. Researchers at Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals consequently intend to expand and share their areas of expertise.                                        

The IQ International Consortium is an international, not-for-profit scientific organization, with 39 members* (pharmaceutical and international biotechnology companies). The mission of this Consortium is to enhance the capability of its members to develop transformational treatment solutions through scientific and technological exchanges and by creating links with national and international pharmaceutical regulators (FDA, EMA, ANSM, MHRA, etc).

R&D best practice through exchange, foresight, collaboration and open-mindedness

By taking part in the discussions organized by the IQ Consortium, Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals aims to better predict the scientific and regulatory developments in its various research and development lines, along with contributing and opening up to improved international R&D best practice, while also benefiting from the experience of the other members.

Scientific excellence and cross-fertilization

In this spirit of scientific excellence and cross-fertilization, Pierre Fabre researchers will participate in a number of committees, including committees focusing on the following areas of expertise: clinical pharmacology, drug metabolism, drug safety, antibody-drug conjugates, 3Rs-alternative methods, pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics and tissue distribution imaging.

As a member of the IQ consortium, the Pierre Fabre Group also intends to build relationships with university laboratories and public research bodies on an international scale, and therefore expand its collaboration network.

 A collaborative approach that fits in perfectly the Pierre Fabre innovation model

We are delighted to have joined the IQ Consortium, which represents such a wealth of scientific and medical excellence on the highest international level. The collaborative and international approach taken by the IQ International Consortium is perfectly in tune with the innovation model that Pierre Fabre will be promoting in the years to come. stated Professor Laurent Audoly, Director of R&D, Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals.