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Pierre Fabre promotes the value of Cambodia’s natural flora

April 5, 2013

Today marks the launch of the collective work “la Flore photographique du Cambodge” (Flora photography in Cambodia), published by Privat.  


It is the product of the Joint Laboratory of the Phytochemistry team at the Phnom Penh Faculty of Pharmacy (University of Health Sciences, Cambodia), and for the first time, this work will allow botanists, tourists, and plant-world enthusiasts to learn about the unknown treasures of Cambodian flora and find out how plants are used locally.
Through precise descriptions and over 2,000 photographs taken in natural habitats, 524 species from the Khmer kingdom are presented. Two appear for the first time, and it is the first time that six of them have been recorded in the country.

Through its vastness and the impeccable care taken to identify all the species in partnership with specialists from the finest herbariums in the world, this exceptional inventory makes “la Flore Photographique du Cambodge” a masterpiece of reference.


  • Mathieu Leti: Director of the Joint Laboratory of Phytochemistry in Phnom Penh, then researcher at the Pierre Fabre research institute.
  • Sovanmoly Hul: Botanist specialized in Southeast Asian flora at the Museum of Natural History in Paris.  
  • Jean-Gabriel Fouché: Director of the Pierre Fabre botanical conservatoire.
  • Sun Kaing Cheng: Botany and pharmacognosy professor at the Phnom Penh Faculty of Pharmacy.  
  • Bruno David: Botany and plant supplies director at the Pierre Fabre research institute.