Sustainable development

René Furterer undertakes to fight food insecurity in Madagascar

25 February 2016

The René Furterer brand has made a 3-year commitment to fund a program for providing farming support and a secure food supply for the residents of Ranopiso in Madagascar. It is in this region in the south of the country where they grow the Moringa oleifera seeds that the company uses for its Karinga® hair care range. 



Local and sustainable commitment

In this part of Madagascar, 83% of the population is considered food insecure, i.e. at a recurrent risk of famine. Faced with this shocking figure and as part of its Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre social responsibility policy, the René Furterer brand wants to take on the fight against hunger.    

The commitment will mainly take the form of funding for a long-term technical program managed locally by our agricultural subsidiary in Madagascar in order to improve the food self-sufficiency of local farmers and their families. 

Customized support

This support program has three key elements, designed to address the local needs:

  • Promote the cultivation and nutritional benefits of the Moringa oleifera as a source of vitamins and minerals: 60 plants have been planted on the farmers' lands, and 10 farmers and 137 students at Ranopiso school have been given training in how to use the leaves as a vegetable.
  • Improve yield and productivity thanks to technical support from the SEAR team (advice and training): training in how to use compost and manure, the distribution of rice, tomato, and kidney bean seeds, and the distribution of 10 plows and 20 watering cans.
  • Diversify income-generating farming activities: experiments have been run with 10 farmers to test different varieties of rice, tomatoes, and kidney beans. These new varieties yielded twice as much as the local varieties. Fruit trees have also been planted in order to diversify the local diet.

Actions that were launched in 2015 have already been producing very positive and promising results. SEAR (the Ranopiso Farming Company) will use the farmers who were selected in 2015 to promote these new farming techniques more widely this year.

In 2016, the aim is to double the number of farmers involved in this program.

A commitment that strengthens the Group's Sustainable Development policy in Madagascar

René Furterer is committed to supporting three accountable supply chains among local producers, and works in long-term partnership to assist them in their social and environmental development projects. René Furterer's Fair Trade brands (Shea, Argan and Moringa) are built on the use of protected plant resources and respect for the plant's original ecosystems.

The actions taking place in Madagascar come as part of the Pierre Fabre Group's CSR strategy