#SansRépit : Pierre Fabre takes part in the public information campaign organized by pharmaceutical companies

26 September 2017

LEEM, the French pharmaceutical companies’ association, is launching a public information campaign on October 1, 2017 concerning the contribution made by pharmaceutical laboratories to the day-to-day fight against illness: innovative therapeutic solutions to cure hitherto incurable illnesses, new drugs for chronic illnesses, and treatments that favor patients’ quality of life, to name but a few. The Pierre Fabre group is participating in this initiative and spreading the word.

French people are asking their pharmaceutical laboratories to provide more information on R&D.

In light of the fact that “80% of French people claim there is a lack of information on the research conducted by pharmaceutical laboratories,” LEEM decided to show the relentless commitment of the pharmaceutical companies to the fight against illness by means of an information campaign, itself adapted from a pan-European campaign.

With its signature “Illness never sleeps; neither do we. #SansRépit(#WeWontRest),” this campaign highlights the vital role of pharmaceutical companies in the research and development of new therapeutic solutions.

A multi-channel information campaign that directly addresses the public.

For the first time, as underlined by Jean Monin, Chairman of LEEM's Communications Committee, “The French will learn key information on the status of research into illnesses such as cancer, aids, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and Alzheimer's disease.”

The #SansRépit campaign in its entirety - TV ad and 10 posters - will be disseminated over the internet and social networks. Each poster will be backed up by content devoted to the highlighted pathologies on the LEEM site




See LEEM's Press Release on the #SansRépit campaign

National #SansRépit campaign: Pierre Fabre group's participation

Pierre Fabre Laboratories, the second largest French private pharmaceutical group, decided to support this national initiative by relaying its messages and embodying it. How? By giving a voice to its employees working on the fight against illness and by sharing key information on its R&D.


 It is important to the Pierre Fabre group to spread the word about the #SansRépit campaign, which reminds us that in France 100,000 men and women are working in pharmaceutical companies to further research and help millions of patients get better or live better with their illness.

Marc Alias, Director of Corporate Communications, Pierre Fabre group

The Pierre Fabre Group, born half a century ago from a venotonic drug made from butcher’s broom, a plant native to France's Tarn region, is today focusing its pharmaceutical R&D on the fields of Oncology, the Central Nervous System, Consumer Health Care, Ethical Dermatology and Dermo-cosmetics.

The Group's dedication to research and development (195 million euros in 2016) reflects Pierre Fabre's commitment to discovering and developing new drugs.