Sterile Cosmetics appear in the media

November 13, 2013

Since 25 October, a marketing campaign has been throwing the spotlight on Sterile Cosmetics, a major innovation of Laboratoires Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique.

For the first time, an advertising campaign for the general public is being backed up by the name and reputation of Laboratoires Pierre Fabre to promote an innovation that is used by several of the group's brands (Eau Thermale Avène, A-Derma, etc.).

This is Sterile Cosmetics, a unique association of three major innovations (formulation, packaging, and manufacturing) that make it possible to manufacture care products without any preservatives which are guaranteed 100% sterile throughout the entire duration of use.

The campaign can be seen in major women's and consumer health magazines. Followed up in pharmacies and the professional press, it is being conducted in parallel in France and Italy, and will soon be rolled out in other European countries.


It is the first time that we have placed the name of the company and its founder at the centre of an advertising campaign aimed at the general public. The name "Pierre Fabre" thus plays the role of quality guarantee and reassures potential customers on the safety of a breakthrough innovation, underlines Director of Communications Marc Alias.