The Klorane Institute becomes the “Klorane Botanical Foundation”

22 November 2016

The Pierre Fabre Group’s Corporate Foundation, the “Klorane Institute”, changes its name to the “Klorane Botanical Foundation”.

The name has changed, but not the missions

Since its creation in 1994, the initiatives undertaken by this Corporate Foundation have been based on three missions: PROTECT, EXPLORE AND EDUCATE concerning our botanical heritage. This Corporate Foundation took shape through the ambition of one man, Mr. Pierre Fabre, to make a strong commitment to preserving nature’s species and to share the botanical knowledge acquired by the Group since it was founded in 1962.



The Foundation has now chosen to change its name to clarify its Corporate Foundation status while placing botany at the core of its identity once again. The new name also further conveys the international reach of the projects it has developed for over 20 years, throughout the world.

A new symbol: a botanical world

This change of name also gives the Foundation the opportunity to communicate through a new visual: a logo designed as a green mosaic planet to symbolize the promise of a world where plants would be the planet’s natural lungs more than ever. 

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