The Pierre Fabre group updates its employer branding

6 March 2017

Pierre Fabre Laboratories, which employees over 13,000 people worldwide including 4,000 in the Occitanie region, is adopting a new employer image. 

In order to address the major challenge of attracting and keeping new talent, the Group has looked into candidates’ new expectations. Regarding younger generations in particular, who are especially active and in search of direction, numerous studies show that the criteria young graduates consider essential when choosing their future employer are: interest in the job, atmosphere and well-being at work, as well as identifying with their values. The majority think that being useful to others is an absolute prerequisite for their work.

In keeping with these new demands, the employer brand global strategy has been redesigned based on several concepts that are in line with these new expectations: humanism, harmony with nature, straight talking, proximity and accessibility of the message. The new employer image is built on an original signature "True to my nature" and 3 founding principles:

    • Take care - a vocation
    • Endeavour - a state of mind
    • Respect - self-evident

    More information on the Group’s HR policy (in French)

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