Pharmaceutical Lozenges

Lozenges production and packaging expertises

For more than 20 years, the Pierre FABRE plant in Aignan (France) offers a cost-effective service for the manufacturing of hard boiled lozenges and pastilles/gums that are sucked in the mouth and traditionally used for cold and sore, but also for smoking cessation or other nutraceutical applications. A variety of well differentiated products can be made, based on our custom formulation and taste masking capabilities. We offer a full CDMO lozenge service to our clients, from product development to product launch. The service can include both manufacturing and packaging, with a variety of packaging solutions: blister packing, bag in box and flow wrap. 




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From batches production to automatic continuous manufacturing

Different production lines offer variable capacities, from batches of 66kg of sugar or sugar-free lozenges to large volumes of 6000kg using an automatic semi-continuous manufacturing process. This up-to-date technology of continuous flow enhances the production capacity as well as product quality and security. With a production speed of 500 to 600 kg/h, the capacity reaches to 5-6 tons/day. Active principles and excipients are introduced continuously via dosage pumps. Cooking is performed under vacuum for isomalt products. Electronically controlled, automated, high performance machines carry out all the processes right from weighing the raw material, to cooking, blending, flavouring, cooling and forming the hard candy. The cleaning process is automatized. We currently produce more than 300 million lozenges per year. 


Development & Manufacturing of new lozenges



Our R&D teams provide the necessary support to create new products or to modulate lozenges formulation or product stability, to optimize local exposure of the active ingredient in the oral cavity for a predetermined period of time for example. 

Our plant in Aignan produces a variety of lozenges, including Drill® Pierre Fabre’s brand of cough relief lozenge