Plant Cell Culture

For more than 10 years Pierre Fabre develops plant cell culture technologies for cosmetic or pharmaceutical applications. When sourcing is an issue or when the plants have low content of active ingredients, plant cell culture could be the solution.

Our technology is based on biowave reactors, easy to scale-up and fully effective for production of shear-sensitive cells. Pierre Fabre contract manufacturing provides a unique expertise in the development and production of active ingredients (biomass or API) based on plant cell culture. Our expertise in extraction and purification enables us to produce high value natural plant extracts to API’s in full compliance with cGMP. We are FDA approved and rewarded by AFAQ with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. We gather on a single industrial site, development laboratories, raw material sourcing expertise, quality department, regulatory support, pilot plant and production facilities.


  • APIs production from vegetable origin under controlled and optimized conditions with constent and stable quality
  • Facilitated extraction and purification
    Absence of photosynthetic pigments (chlorophyll) and   essential oils
    Reduced use of organic solvents
  • Use of original plant species
    Non-domesticated species, difficult to produce in field
    Slow growing, endangered, protected species
  • Source of new APIs
  • Green chemistry, respect of natural biodiversity

From lab scale to production




Case study: triptolide production

Green Chemistry

(Pierre Fabre Patent WO2011054929)