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Pierre Fabre committed to the fight against malnutrition in Madagascar

3 February 2016

Since 2015, Pierre Fabre’s Madagascar subsidiary has been part of the nationwide operation against malnutrition among schoolchildren, led by the Ministry of Public Health of Madagascar and the National Nutrition Office. This operation aims to improve academic performance by developing school feeding. For 80% of children who get school meals, this is their only meal of the day. As part of this operation, Pierre Fabre’s subsidiary in Madagascar is funding actions carried out at two schools, one in Amboasary Gara and the other in Ambohidray (since 2016). A total of 710 students benefit from this aid.

In 2015, Pierre Fabre’s Madagascar subsidiary began to work closely with the Ministry of Public Health of Madagascar and the National Nutrition Office (ONN) on their national operation to combat malnutrition. To this end, Pierre Fabre gives the ONN 5% of profits from sales of Centella asiatica, a plant harvested near the two schools that benefit from this program. More than 70% of the parents of these schoolchildren are gatherers of Centella asiatica.

Several initiatives have been launched under this program: setting up a canteen, hygiene classes, distributing meals during the bridging period, planting a school garden with food crops and distributing kidney bean seeds to parents to supply to the canteen.

Through these operations, 710 students can eat well and improve their academic performance. In real terms, attendance at school has become more regular, the concentration of students in the classroom has improved and the weight of 54% of students has increased significantly.

This program, renewed in 2017, is one of the CSR initiatives undertaken by Pierre Fabre’s subsidiary in Madagascar, which has just been recognized as a Responsible Company with "Excellence" rating according to Ecocert's CSR standard. Pierre Fabre’s commitments in Madagascar are in line with the Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre approach, which promotes the responsible development of plant- based active ingredients. This approach is recognized by the European EFQM label (European Foundation for Quality Management) issued in France by the AFNOR group. The EFQM label combines Quality and Sustainable Development.


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