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Pierre Fabre Laboratories’ Madagascar subsidiary obtains the “Excellence” rating in the Responsible Company label issued by ECOCERT

12 January 2017

Castres & Fort Dauphin & L’Isle Jourdain (Ecocert), November 17, 2016 - Pierre Fabre and Ecocert announce that Pierre Fabre Laboratories’ Madagascar subsidiary has received the “Excellence” rating, the highest appraisal of the Responsible Company label according to Ecocert's ESR (Fair Trade, Solidarity, and Responsibility) standard, following an assessment by independent Ecocert auditors in September. Pierre Fabre Laboratories’ Madagascar subsidiary is tasked locally with procuring tropical periwinkle, from which the active ingredient of several of the Group's cancer treatments is extracted.

The Madagascar subsidiary voluntarily sought to obtain the Ecocert Responsible Company label for its CSR approach three years ago, receiving the “Master” level in 2014 and 2015, and now obtaining the highest appraisal, “Excellence,” in 2016. This makes the Madagascar subsidiary one of the very few organizations in Madagascar to have received Ecocert's “Excellence” rating for its social and environmental policy.
The Responsible Company label is a voluntary assessment measure developed by Ecocert to allow organizations to evaluate their level of maturity in terms of corporate social responsibility. The label is based on international standard ISO 26000, the first and only international standard on CSR.
In their report, the Ecocert assessors highlighted a number of strong points in the CSR approach of Pierre Fabre Laboratories’ Madagascar subsidiary:

  • Deployment of the Group's Ethics Charter
  • Regular health and safety training, and study tours offered for employees
  • The reforestation program underway since 2014
  • Certification of farmland according to the organic farming standard
  • Actions to raise public awareness about the importance of biodiversity
  • Community actions to support the development of farming partners and to secure the company’s plant supply chains: distributing seed for food crops, technical support to help farmers improve yield, distributing Moringa oleifera seedlings to diversify local economic activities

Lastly, in terms of areas for improvement, the assessors have highlighted the following opportunities:

  • To continue structuring the network of farmer representatives and to support them by helping create bodies coordinating dialog and relaying information
  • To develop the use of renewable energy (since the audit, solar panels have been installed on farming sites to help supply them with electricity)
  • To consider developing social actions to facilitate access to water in villages.

Faly Ramboarimalala, an Ecocert auditor, on the CSR approach of Pierre Fabre Laboratories’ Madagascar subsidiary: In the region of Androy, where the Pierre Fabre subsidiary operates in Madagascar, the socio- economic conditions are difficult. Through its activities there, the company is actively contributing to the region’s development and has shown real commitment. Numerous actions are being conducted in three sustainable development areas: economy, society, and environment. One of the most emblematic actions set up by the company is its solidarity reforestation project. Since it was launched in 2014, more than 60,000 trees have been planted. This project is not only helping offset the company’s carbon footprint, it is also creating jobs, helping improve soil quality and preserve biodiversity. The project is likewise contributing towards the national objective of countering deforestation and improving food security through the planting of fruit trees. These implanted species will later provide wood for construction or energy.

Bertrand Parmentier, CEO of Pierre Fabre Laboratories, commented on receiving the label: This label attests to the company’s commitment to being a socially and economically responsible player in Madagascar. It shows that the company has incorporated components of sustainable development into its value chain, and recognizes our company’s expertise in using and promoting plant life, expertise that can be seen in our responsible approach to the development of plant-based active ingredients, Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre.

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